Peaks and valleys


I have trouble sharing the “ups” of my music career without feeling like I’m bragging. Many musicians struggle to stay afloat including myself and that seems easier to relate to right? Sometimes however we all have those little moments that remind us that just maybe things are better then they this weekend 


After a relaxing evening and really fun performance in Vallejo on Saturday night. I got a late night jacuzzi soak at the hotel after hours which was awesome and really only allowed because my heater in the room was not working upon returning from my show so while they fixed it.. anyways..  I woke up around 8:30 the next morning packed up and heading to the lobby for my free breaky. Not as good as I’d hoped for but free nonetheless. So after a bagel and cereal I made my way 200+ miles essentially from the coast to the Nevada/California  state line. So down,across and up highway 80 passing Sacramento,Woodward snow park, and sqaw valley home of the famous snowboarder Jeremy Jones!woot! 


After a wintery drive through the pines and to about 5 thousand ft in elevation  I find myself at my next show. It’s a beautiful 4star resort with the most stunning architecture I’ve ever seen before in a hotel. I have two performances scheduled over 3 days. I briefly meet my gracious hosts and get checked in. As I’m explained the layout of the property and I’m shown to my room I realize my “room” is actually a private villa full of stunning architecture. complete with a spa tub,a 360 fire place and my own private deck with a bbq and a 6 person hot tub just for me!?! I briefly unpack and scramble over to set up for my first performance. 

relaxing before the show 

relaxing before the show 

The first night was quiet but enjoyable as I think most folks were waiting for the 2nd night which was a New Year’s Eve event that was to include live music, A four course meal,and midnight toast. Second night was as expected much more lively. Lots of smiling faces and the food looked amazing. The night started with a piano player in the dinning room then I started the after party at 9pm in the bar/ dance room. 3 hours later I counted down till midnight with the crowd. I even had a small but attentive group dancing for a bit. Played a few more then packed up.  The entire event was set up and executed very well I’d say. I was fortunate enough to get a four course meal set aside in to go box’s at the end of the night. So after a long night of entertainment I was able to retire to my suite around 1am and then proceeded to have my own New Year’s dance party of 1 followed my lobster bisque,crab cakes,rib eye steak with veggies and a chocolate mousse for desert paired with 18 year scotch and a cigar by the fireplace and a  high mountain sunrise in the hot tub.

January 1 2019 the new year starts with watching the sun come up and an entire day planned of sauna time,rock climbing and a small hike then another amazing dinner at the hotel and as much jacuzzi time as I can squeeze in before I get too tired and head to bed. It’s a perfect day off. 


that’s Reno way in the background 

that’s Reno way in the background 

January 2nd 2019 I pack up. Grab a smoothie from the cafe in the lobby. Warm up the benz and I start my drive home around through Reno and up the Karson pass. 240 something miles and six hours of a drive. Not a big deal except the Cars heater broke last week....... So that means driving through 26 degree weather for 3-4 hours before I get to 45-50 degrees on highway 49.. so I bundle up like I’m going out in the snow and I hop on in. I actually was rather comfortable the entire drive and was super happy to be in snow clothes. It made it super easy to hope out on the Pass in a few spots and do some simi back country snowboarding on some on the untouched but icy snow. 8 hours later, after a stop in Sonora for groceries and in Twain Harte for a brief media consultation I made it back to my cabin with enough energy to get the guitars and dinner inside and fell asleep before I ate a thing. Life is full of peaks and valleys. Some are metaphorical some are literal but either way it’s always fleeting and always worth appreciating and being grateful for. This weekend has been one of many unforgettable experiences thanks to music and also thanks to all of the amazing friends,fans, and music lovers in my life. Thank again 



 Home for 8 hours;) sleep time