A truly one man Band

Nathan Ignacio


Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Harmonica / Nathan Ignacio

Come take a listen to this motivated entrepreneur Artist who connects with people from all walks of life. Nathan’s approach to delivering Music is different, its dancy, and its a sight to be seen. He has taken a year 100 year old tradition that is the one man band and made it his own. Nathan Ignacio is a one of a kind Artist out of the central valley; although his musical expertise, influence, and experiences stretches much farther. He travels weekly from town to town. From the mountains to Los Angeles is a regular for gigs and what he sees as other chances to create a memorable experience for people by sharing his passion for music. He had the great pleasure of opening for the Legend BB King last year as well as opening for the Mama Awards, Thompson Square, John Corbett, and many more. He has gone on tour through our southern States, and also took his first International Tour this past year through The Netherlands to promote his newly released album. Nathan is a Singer/Songwriter while playing an extensive line up of instruments, including Guitar, Dulcimer, Mandolin, Harmonica, Piano, and Bass,  playing many of these simultaneously during his one man band shows. He also has a known talent for taking new along with well loved songs from a variety of genres and putting his own unique spin on them. Nathan is a believer in the Arts and Music and takes every opportunity to pay it forward and inspire others from all ages with something that has meant so much to him. “If you like where your going it never seems to far.” – Nathan 


A Step Behind

by Nathan Ignacio

Notes From the Road




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