Friends and fans

Playing just 30 min away from my home is always a treat. I get the opportunity to connect with my friends in the area and fans who I didn’t know I had. Twain Harte is four season mountain town and is just a curious place with a mix of local folks having grown up together and retirees coming up to live their days in the pines.  My highlights consisted of a mid 60s fella who couldn’t understand my midwestern style hat or that I was loading in a bands worth of gear but was by myself. He insisted  on making his lack of approval of my hat and my looks heard by the entire bar. Two hours and many drinks later guess who was on the dance floor cuttin a rug? Job well done in my book. Also one the biggest highlights was the 3 separate groups of friends and fans came to see me which made for a really fun night of music and dancing. Followed by a complementary yummy dinner in my usual to go box and an easy drive home to my snowy cabin.. Some folks drove over 100 miles to come out last night. Pretty kewl!!!